LeSS Days 2020
a case study conference


LeSS Days 2020


June 15-17, 2020



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a case studies conference

real stories of deep organizational transformations

15-17 JUNE 2020 || ONLINE

Our Story-Tellers

Viktor Grgic

Certified LeSS Trainer from Hong Kong.


He is an Agile Coach, software developer and Certified LeSS trainer with 17 years of experience in delivering enterprise systems and Agile adoptions. He worked first 15 years in The Netherlands, and since 2013 in Hong Kong.

Opening Talk:
Thoughtful Organizational Design or Doing More with LeSS.

Jurgen De Smet

Certified LeSS Trainer from Belgium

I am a Certified LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) Trainer, Licensed Management 3.0 Trainer and ambassador at Startups.be, the group spearheading the entrepreneurial environment in Belgium. Inside I am still skateboarding, picking up new moves, adapting to ever-changing environments and freestyling with the best, wherever fresh design concepts for improving the world of work are emerging and being perfected.

Case Study: LeSS Adoption at Y Soft. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Robert Briese

Certified LeSS Trainer from Germany

A change agent for 15+ years as consultant and coach working for over 30 companies, including DAX-listed global brands such as adidas, BMW, BP, Dr. Oetker, Henkel, Hilti, Hugo Boss, SAP, Volkswagen, and ZF. Successfully guided an adoption of Large-Scale Scrum for over 30 teams, including larger groups of over 400 employees, delivering a biweekly product increment consisting of hardware and software.

Case Study: Lessons learned from attempting a LeSS and a LeSS Huge adoption. How big companies like SAP and BMW engage on a journey to Business Agility.

Wolfgang Steffens

Certified LeSS Trainer from Finland

Wolfgang is a passionate Lean & Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master, Knowledge Seeker, and Systems Thinker with a high level of energy. He has worked 20 years for Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks. He has 10 years of practical experience as a Lean and Agile coach in large-scale lean and agile adoptions. He has also been leading the Program Management Development function on business unit level for four years and was a development manager in program management on company level for four years.

Case Study: Attempted LeSS Huge adoption at a German insurance company.

Achieving adaptability requires the impossible - redesign of the organisation.

Evgeniy Labunskiy

LeSS Practitioner from Ukraine

Evgeniy has over 10 years of experience within IT industry (outsourcing and in-house development), 8 years in Agile Environment. Worked with customers from US, EU and Asia markets, successfully delivered over 30 different projects. For the last years he's been focusing on large Agile transformations for IT and non-IT companies.

Case Study: Large Scaled Transformation in PandaDoc

It is much harder to simplify than to add stuff like new roles, responsibilities, procceses to an organization. That explains why companies tend to grow and get fatter instead of getting leaner.

Zachary Jennings

LeSS Practitioner from USA

Zac has driven radical and large scale organizational transformations; making real impact in the way organizations are run. He is known for successfully delivering results in the financial, utility, hospitality, and logistics sectors. ​ Zac is an Agile Coach who believes that agility is more than a cost savings initiative, it's a way to achieve 10X outcomes. He is driven to help your organization, not only exist, but dominate your market

Case Study: LeSS adoption of one of the largest utilities in the U.S.

I believes that agility is more than a cost savings initiative, it's a way to achieve 10X outcomes.

Alexey Krivitsky

LeSS Practitioner from Ukraine

Alexey is probably the first Scrum master of Ukraine working in Scrum from 2005. From 2008 he is an independent agile coach and a trainer, again, probably the first in the country back then.


Alexey is big fan of LeSS because LeSS is just Scrum done right.

Interactive Wokshop: Organizational Design is a Skill while Optimization Goal is King.

It is relatively easy to make things more complex. And so much much harder to simplify. That's why it is so inspiring to descale.


This conference takes upon a mission of bringing to you fresh, impressive and up-to-date case studies of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptions by means of story-telling and rich knowledge exchange.

Our Agenda

Opening Talk by Viktor Grgic:
Thoughtful Organizational Design or Doing More with LeSS.


An opening talk focusing on the core principles of LeSS and the idea of simplification and de-scaling.

Case Study by Zachary Jennings: 
LeSS adoption of one of the largest utilities in the U.S.


This case presents the LeSS adoption of one of the largest utilities in the U.S. As a monopoly they developed an assumption and culture they were risk adverse from computation. Once competition become real threat, they had to change a culture and systems embedded deep in the organization in order to combat competition. They tried several different scaling frameworks, all which only increased the complexity of the organization. LeSS has directed them to focus on the few things(products) most important.


In this presentation I will discuss the journey, the pain points, celebration of wins, out the outcomes of LeSS adoption.

Case Study by Wolfgang Steffens: 
Attempted LeSS Huge adoption at a German insurance company.


This case study describes the change in a department in a big German insurance company from their initial Scrum adoption towards a LeSS Huge adoption. The case study begins with the description of the the initial multi-Scrum team adoption and focuses then on the following LeSS Huge Adoption.


The case study contains the formation of the new organization though a self-designing team workshop, the definition of the Product and its Requirement Areas, the creation of the Product Backlog, and a descriptions of various LeSS events. The case study concludes with a collection of the positive outcomes, the dysfunctional elements, as well as a brief snapshot two years later.

Case Study by Robert Briese: 
Lessons learned from attempting a LeSS and a LeSS Huge adoption. How big companies like SAP and BMW engage on a journey to Business Agility.

For the product group, establish the complete LeSS structure “at the start”; this is vital for a LeSS adoption.


This is an important LeSS rule and I will use my personal story to elaborate what happens when you don’t put the organisational design in place as suggested by LeSS from the start. I will discuss how we approached an adoption in a context where some major organisational constrained prevented to adopt LeSS as recommended and the consequences from our approach.


I’m going to reflect on the critical aspects that we noticed to have a massive impact for enabling a cultural shift that is required for true agility. And I will compare the learnings from a slow growing organisation (adopting LeSS) to a fast growing organisation (adopting LeSS huge), and present parallels and differences.

Blitz Talks

Short and sweet talks 5-10 minutes each.

Interactive Wokshop by Alexey Krivitsky: Organizational Design is a Skill while Optimization Goal is King.

We hear about agile transformations, scrum adoptions from thousand of companies. Still seems only few really get it. Why? What is the essential aspect that is so easy to overlook?

When I coach leaders who are running agile re-organizations I usually ask: "What is your goal? What needs to change? How will you know you're right on the path? What are you optimizing for?"

Rare leaders now the answer apart of "faster, cheaper, better". These are not the answer that will help you optimize your org structure, especially if you want all of these at the same time!

In this workshop participants will analyze several cases and also will have a chance to look into their companies to start asking themselves this very imporant question: "What is our optimization goal?"

Case Study by Yevgen Labunskiy:
Large Scaled Transformation in PandaDoc.

Product development companies, especially when shifting from introduction to growth stage, experience multiple challenges: lack of focus, a lot of started but not finished features, teams build around product parts but not value streams. In such situation is extremely high to be focus on customers centric value.


During the talk we will cover the LeSS Huge transformation journey of PandaDoc, one of the most known product company in Belarus, from its unit structure to feature team development model.

Case Study by Jurgen De Smet:
LeSS Adoption at Y Soft. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


We are proud to spread the experience going from multi-layered, firefighting, complicated structures to simple, flat structures at one of our customers in Czech: Y Soft. In the talk you'll discover how things started, how we supported them through our Co-Friend service and high impact, high risk workshops throughout their final flip-forward (kaikaku) into a LeSS structure and way of working.


You will acquire insights of their journey as from July 2017 throughout September 2019 with as main focus their 4-day flip-forward event in January 2019. Many people think that one can slowly grow into an Agile organization and most probably that is correct in certain cases, then again, in this case one will discover how we prepared the organization for a kaikaku event (flip-forward) and then did a very courages move by turning the organization around. Before the 4-day event everybody was still working in old structues, after the event everybody was working in a LeSS structure. Not a small change! There is a lot of attention put on the good things of it all but equally on the bad & ugly things. Be prepated to be surprised and enjoy the talk.

Panel Discussion with Practitioners 


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